Hemming Services
Now Available
at Westfield San Francisco Centre


Mark Your Fit

Use the Hemster Ruler Sticker
to fit your garments.
Easy to do yourself or ask a store associate/concierge for help.

Drop Off

Bring your order to Concierge or Guest Services to drop off and make payment.

Pick Up

Pick up your order with Hemster's email notification.

Now available at your favorite brands

Hemster Services

HOVER to see alteration rates
Shorten Length:  $20
Shorten Sleeve:  $25
New Hem:        $10
Original Hem:  $15
New Hem:    $25
Original Hem:    $35
Lining:  +$10
Shorten Length:  $35
Shorten Sleeve:   $45

Mark Your Fit
Per Garment

1. Line the bottom of the ruler sticker to the end of any garment.
2. Fold the garment and sticker to the desired length.
3. Mark the new desired length on the sticker.